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A complete redesign to Brazil's popular sales app

I'm a heavy user of the OLX app and after many frustrating usages of the app I got tired of it and decided to create what I call "the version I wanted to have".

The redesign

I started this project with a quick analysis in places like AppStore and Google Play because to get this right I had to have at least some data to start the wireframe and to see what kind of improvements I was going to implement on this concept besides the ones I wanted myself. I even wrote an article that you can get the link down below to read this article about how I designed an app without any data.

A brand new look

My goal was to use the same visual guide as the brand uses on their website but to make it look simpler and with a little more attention to detail. I used the same color palette and also designed a few more icons. This project was featured on the Interaction Curated Gallery on Behance.


I started this project with the premisses of creating something small just to share my ideas with other people that might enjoy the improvement of the redesigned app but things got a little out of control. I ended up designing at least 30 screens.

Sales Ad

In this section, I wanted to have some style to it. I designed some icons for all the categories of the types of products you can sell and also the type of ad. The seller photo was also something that I wanted to include so the sales ad looks legit to whoever is buying.


I lost count of how many people were interested or even when I was interested in some kind of product and the seller just vanished. I read some comments on the research I made and some people got the same problem as me. To solve that problem I included the contact information of the person who is interested in that product when they send a message to the seller in the chat.

How to redesign an app without any data

A quick article on how I redesigned the OLX app.
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