Greco Gum

Naturally sculpt your jawline with ease

Greco Gum comes straight from the beautiful island of Chios in Greece. This amazing gum has loads of benefits, like helping you with your digestion, helping smokers kick the habit, and even giving you a more chiseled chin.

Jon from Greco Gum reached out to me because they are always sold out due to their top-notch product and they needed a fresh website to match their high-quality product and service.

Stop motion by: Midnight Hour Creative
Website copy by: Paul French

Shop now for mastic gum!
Scope of work
User Interface
User Experience
Icon Design
9 weeks
Let's start with the basics
The old website had some problems, like looking outdated and not matching the awesome quality of the product that people love. And for new customers his mastic gum might seem a bit weird at first 'cause they're used to regular gum and don't know what to expect.

A brand new copy was added to clarify where the product came from, what the benefits were and also a comparison between the two options they offer for new customers.
The old website felt dated and too bland.
The new website has tons of character and a unique new design.
New customers didn't know which option to choose.
On the first page you can see the diferences between two options with the nugget size and new description.
There wasn't enough content displaying the benefits of a mastic gum.
A whole new copy was added to the new website with benefits and icons.
There wasn't enough social proof to sell the product.
Three blocks of social proof were added to the homepage.

Now you'll see a classy carousel with the latest reviews, testimonials from influencers, and epic social media posts.
Old website and UX Audit
In this project, the client had a ton of customer reviews, so I had a great starting point by going through all of them. I read over 150 reviews to figure out what people liked and didn't like, and then I summarized it all into six main issues.
Every information in the right place
By going through over 150 reviews, I was able to come up with a solid content structure for each page that would help maximize conversions. Me and the Greco team had some discussions and exchanged ideas until we reached a point where the approved structure was ready to be implemented in the wireframes.
Let's get some wireframes done
After getting the content structure approved, I dove into creating the wireframes to get everything sorted and ready for the UI. The final UI ended up having a few tweaks from the wireframes, but I gotta say, I'm really happy about how it turned out.
A brand new UI
When most clients come to me, they usually prefer a minimalist and simple design, putting all the spotlight on their product photos and experience. However, the Greco team had a completely different vision this time around. They wanted something that would stand out and make a statement about their incredible product and service.

That's when I had this awesome idea of incorporating a little tin that opens and closes as you scroll down the page. It adds a cool touch and grabs attention, making their website truly unforgettable.
Logos, colors, fonts and icons
They already had a super cool logo, and I got to take it to the next level by adding more colors, buttons, different font styles, and even some icons that I designed myself. Since I always create custom icons for my projects, it was a pleasure to come up with unique ones for this one.
Shop on the go
I also designed the mobile version of the e-commerce site. Mobile design is essential nowadays with so many people using their smartphones to shop online. I made sure the mobile interface looked great and worked smoothly on smaller screens.

From responsive layouts to easy navigation, I made sure everything was user-friendly and visually appealing, matching the overall e-commerce design.
A style guide to keep everything organized
To finish off this project, I also put together a bunch of stuff like font styles, buttons, inputs, and other components to create a design system. It's super important because it means they can easily add new pages later on, even if they don't hire me to do it. It's all about making things flexible and future-proof!

“Victor Berbel has been a great asset during our website overhaul. His attention to detail, attentiveness to our needs, and proactive communication made the whole process really enjoyable for us. Victor's work has not only elevated our website aesthetically, but also significantly improved the overall user experience. In short: He’s a real pro.”

Jon Persson
Co-Owner, Greco Gum
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