A simple dashboard to organize your design projects

When it comes to organization, it's not one size fits all and by having that problem I decided to create Ordine, a new dashboard to organize your design projects. I created something that has multiple uses, such as a project manager, a time tracker, a task manager, and a proposal manager.
Scope of work
User Interface
User Experience
Concept Project
2 months
A brand new product
The user research for this project was based entirely on my own needs and I started with a simple design with just a few screens to see if the thing I was planning on doing was good enough to go any further.
Naming, colors and icons
The name Ordine is an Italian word and the translation can be words like order, organization, and system. That word translates what I wanted this project to be, something to organize your design projects.

Like most project manager dashboards I decided to go with the common choice and use blue as my main color, and also expanded a little more with different tones and complementary colors. The icons were designed with a 2px stroke.
Target audience
My target audience with this project was creatives mostly working alone or in small teams and to organize my thoughts I wrote user stories to see which features I would have to add to this dashboard.
User stories
– I want to be able to organize all my design projects so I don't lose track of which is which;
– I want to be able to track my time with a time tracker to send an automated invoice;
– I want to be able to see my schedule on the first page to quickly see what I need to do that week;
– I want to be able to send proposals and track their status;
– I want to be able to add new tasks and link those tasks to current projects;
– I want to be able to create new projects by categories, such as Desktop, Mobile and Graphic.
Mobile version
The mobile version was another challenge, to fit the desktop experience on a smaller screen I had to make some changes and adjustments to have an easy to use interface on both versions.

The main cards had to be moved and the hierarchy of blocks maintained and to see the rest you just have to scroll up.
Design system
For the project to be scalable, I created a Design System to organize all the components and put them on a beautifully designed deck to show everything.

“When I started sketching Ordine, I wanted to create something that would be useful for me and other designers. For the Design System, I focused on the basic components and I also played around with some cool graphics for the cover.”

Victor Berbel
UI/UX Designer, victorberbel.work
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