– Mobile App, UI&UX, Dashboard, Concept


A simple dashboard to organize your design projects

As a designer, I used many project management tools and there's always the feeling that something is missing. To cover my needs I decided to create this concept project and maybe someday this can be a viable product.


I started with 4 features that I needed in a project management tool. Those features served as a starting point to develop more on this project soon.

1. Project
2. Timer
3. Tasks
4. Proposals


As you can see below there all the screens that I designed for this project. My favorite is the task screen where you have a lot of options to choose and use it as a to-do list or link it to a project to manage the hours and tasks linked to that project.

Design system

The design system was something that I wanted to do to organize all the components of this project and to be easily scaled if I ever handle this project to other designers or developers. The system serves as a guide to create new screens and components can be easily updated across the full project.

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