Hey there,

When I was a kid my dream was to become the next Rodney Mullen but after some older kid stole my skateboard I discovered design and fell in love with it.

I specialize in designing dashboards, landing pages, and mobile apps. With over a decade of experience, I worked on many different kinds of digital projects and I’m always learning new stuff and the only skateboard connection I still have are VANS t-shirts. 👋
I'm also part of the Toptal Community and UX Mentor at awari.com.br

Tools of choice

During my career, I used many tools to get the job done, but as designers, we all have our preferences to streamline the creative process and get the best result possible without wasted effort.
Figma – Photoshop – Illustrator – After Effects – Principle – Marvel


I'm always learning new stuff to update my knowledge and use this knowledge to deliver the best work on each project.
UX Research (Mergo) (2018)
Bootcamp Design Thinking (Mergo) (2018)
UX for Webdesigners (Udemy) (2016)
Rapid Prototyping (Udacity) (2015)
UX Day (UX Workshop) (2014)

Twelve years of experience divided in three main services