Digital Designer, Product Designer, UI/UX Designer, whatever you want to call me

With over a decade of experience in creating all kinds of digital projects, my job is to help your company understand your product to create useful and effective websites, dashboards & applications and I also enjoy eating pizza. 🍕
– Selected projects
– Another approach into a food delivering app
– A complete redesign to Brazil's popular sales app

A structured process to build amazing projects

No matter if you need to re-imagine, kick-start a project or improve the user interface and user experience. These are just a few of the things I can help you with when we start working together.
– My specialties
User Interface & User Experience
Prototyping & Design System
Icon Design & Interface Animation
– Articles you may enjoy reading
This is some My workflow on how to animate a simple UI.
A quick article on how I redesigned the OLX app.