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If you're looking for a freelance designer to help you understand the needs of your customers and design solutions for their problems I'm that guy. It doesn't matter if you are a big corporation or a tiny startup.
Skincare app
Design system for Ordine
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I've been designing incredibly dope shit mobile apps, websites and dashboards since ’08

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A structured process to build amazing projects

Having a well structure process is the key to a successful project. No matter if you need to re-imagine, kick-start or improve the user interface and user experience, we can make it happen together.

Here's what I can help you with:

User Interface
Marketing Websites
Landing Pages
Mobile Apps
Design System
Icon Design
Interface Animation
Creative & Art Direction
User Experience
User Research
Usability Testing
User Personas
User Journey

Some of my current and past clients

During the 2020-2021 pandemic, Awari grew 500%, and with that growth, I was hired to completely redesign their website and to make engaging visuals, send a better message, and increase conversion rate.


I helped Noknox redesign their mobile app and add new features such as moving schedule, employee management, pet sitter, and a few others.


In over a year of the contract, I worked on the new marketing website and on a new SaaS to manage readers and authors for desktop and mobile.


I worked for Dream Team on their client Savills to create a new app to track used space on buildings and redesigned a client portal for their KC Project.

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Have any questions?
Here's some answers

I want to work with you, how do we get started?

That's awesome! To start a new project just fill in the contact form and let me know what you want to get done. After I get your email, we'll book a Zoom call to discuss how I can help you.

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How much does a project usually cost?

The cost of a project depends on the scope and timeline. I usually ask the client's budget to better accommodate what can be done. If you are not sure about your budget fill in the contact form with your project details.

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How long will it take to complete my project?

That depends on the type of project. For a small 10-page website it takes around 3 months to get done. Each project is different and I work with a custom solution for each client, so duration can vary.

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What's your specialty?

I provide a range of services for digital projects. My services consist of UI/UX for websites, mobile apps, and SaaS dashboards. I don't do development or branding. Check my services page to see more.

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Do you work hourly?

I don't work hourly unless it's a fixed amount of time and with a minimum of a 1-month contract. For example, if you have an open scope of work I will charge you an hourly amount for a fixed period.

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How do you keep track of a project?

After we start working on a project we will have daily check-ins over Slack and weekly calls on Zoom to track the project progress. I also use Trello to track all the to-dos of a project.

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