Design with purpose

I'm a full-time freelance designer who solves problems, creates awesome interfaces, and keeps you ahead of the competition.
What do I do and how?

I offer three services to help you understand your customers' needs and design solutions to their problems

Websites that align with your goals
SaaS Dashboards people love to use
Mobile Apps to stand away from the crowd
Some of my clients
After 2 rounds of investments, Nobe hired me to redesign their website. The goal of the project was to have something fun and legit at the same time. Since bureaucracy is perceived as something boring it was no easy task.
Finance • See the project
“Victor truly gets your points across and translates it into design. What I loved most was how simple it was to get started, he would clearly state what he needed from me, not wasting my time either.”
Thomas Dobereiner
CPO & Co-Founder, Nobe
The Singaporean market for high-end beauty products was in desperate need for something new. I worked with Poesial to create a new type of e-commerce to fill in that need.
Beauty Commerce • See the project
Crypto can be a tricky thing to learn for non-experts. I worked with Investy Club on a new type of app to bring non-experts into investing in crypto to make their money grow without the hassle of complicated steps.
Crypto • See the project
During the 2020-2021 pandemic, Awari grew 500%, and with that growth, I was hired to completely redesign their website and to make engaging visuals, send a better message, and increase conversion rate.
EdTech • See the project
Featured Projects
The projects I do are for companies and startups who make bureaucracy easier, teach tech for in-demand expertises and many more.