Investy Club

A simple crypto wallet to make your money grow

Investing in crypto can be scary even with all the information out there and the promise of making a lot of money from a small investment. Investy Club has the goal of making it easier even for the non-experts in crypto.
Scope of work
User Interface
User Experience
Mobile App
Animated Prototype
Icon Design
~ 3 months
Let's start with the basics
When Rodrigo, the founder of Investy Club hired me to work on this project I didn't know much about crypto, and to be honest I still don't. The beauty in not knowing a lot about something is that you find easier ways to make things work.

On this project, we worked a lot on making the user flows as easy as possible for people who are not experts in crypto and at the same time making them feel comfortable about investing their money in it.
Let's map everything
I started this project with a closed scope defined by Rodrigo and we worked together on the organizing and mapping of all the screens and flows that I would have to create. The scope looks small but there was a lot of back and forth with user flows and screens that need to be fixed along the way.
A proper look into wireframing and user flow
The wireframes for this project took a while to get done because of all the UX problems I had to fix when creating and understanding the flows of a crypto wallet.

The way that these app works are like a savings account from a bank app, you can save money on different accounts and transfer it to other accounts if you want to.

All of the reasoning behind this is that even this project is a crypto wallet the whole experience was designed to be just like a simple banking app that users use every day.
A sexy new design
There are many crypto wallet apps out there and at the same time I wanted to create something different I didn't want to be too far that users won't understand that this is an app to invest in crypto.

The dark UI theme is used across the whole app with a few touches of color to highlight actions and information on the app.
Visual language
I had a good starting point with the logo created by my good friend Jotape.

The branding he created gave me some great ideas to improve the original color palette provided by him and explore more visual assets like the fonts and style of icons.

I created also a style guide to organize all the components used on this project and by having a style guide the team at Investy Club has a good point of reference for future designs or changes to the existing app.
Icons for days
Just like any other project that I work on, I created many custom icons for this project.

All the icons have the same style and properties to be a cohesive pack across the whole app.

“Victor's work is a masterpiece. He is very well organized and makes your ideas look great. It was a few iterations for him to get my inputs and voilà. The mobile app we wanted looks awesome. I definitely recommend his work for any kind of UI/UX project you need to look amazing.”

Rodrigo Pavezi
Founder, Investy Club
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