I strongly believe that UI and UX can change the world with well-crafted projects

I'm used to wearing many hats, and to provide my best work to your company, I divided my services into three categories, Mobile Applications, Websites, and Dashboards.
– What I can help you with
User Interface
User Experience
User Journey
Icon Design
Interface Animation
Creative Direction
Design System

Mobile App

The difference between a good and a bad app is a combination of two things: intuitive user experience and a beautifully designed user interface, let's do the right way.


Competition is already investing in good design and this is not a commodity anymore, it's a way to make your business grow and generate more profit.


People are busy and need information simply and effectively because nowadays there's no time to waste. Dashboards are used to manage whatever you need.
"Victor did amazing work for two of our websites and is highly recommended."
Freddie Harb – Founder, Sleeping Giant Music
–  A well structured process

A never-ending search for the sweet spot

As a designer myself, I love visuals but visuals are nothing without a proper content and strategy behind it. I'm always searching for what I like to call "Sweet Spot" on my projects. The combination of UI and UX equally good on each project and not just pretty pixels.

Four step process

1. Discovery

I want to learn everything about your project to understand what's the final goal, to come up with a solution and what I need to do to get you there.

2. Wireframe

After knowing the project and what's the goal I start creating a wireframe to organized all the information that was discussed.

3. Mood Board

By the time the wireframe is approved and there are no gaps on the navigation I start creating a mood board to see which design direction I am going to follow.

4. Design

When the design direction is chosen I use those references together with my expertise to craft a beautiful and useful design.
– Relationships made to last

What my clients say

"My idea of creating an app was to simply hire a developer and call it a day, but I'm glad I found Victor to transform my idea into an actual product. He explained to me the process involved in creating a mobile app and I was very surprised with it.

After months of work we are finally launching the first version of the app and I'm really happy how things turned out. He understood my idea and led me in the right direction to design my product."

Luiz Stein

Founder, Nume
"Victor is an incredible UI/UX Designer, his patience and attention to detail is very impressive. Before starting this project we spent countless hours trying / wanting to find the right person to work with us on our IOS and Android app as well as our desktop version of the application. We could not be happier to have found Victor.

It's a breath of fresh air when you find somebody as talented and reliable as him. I would recommend Victor to anyone without any hesitation. Victor is a great asset to have on your team when it comes to design."

Devin Sheehan

Founder, HungryButton
"Victor did amazing work for two of our websites and is highly recommended. I was lucky to find him, he was responsive, quick to adjust to the needs of our project and will be using him again in the future."

Freddie Harb

Founder, Sleeping Giant Music