Making the complex look simple

No matter how complex the problem is, there's always a simpler approach to make. I help clients solve their problems and work on their mobile apps, websites and dashboards.

What I can help you with:

User Interface
Marketing Websites
Landing Pages
Mobile Apps
Design System
Icon Design
Interface Animation
Creative & Art Direction
User Experience
User Research
Usability Testing
User Personas
User Journey

The sweet-spot and four step process

To strike hard and precise I'm always searching for the sweet spot to have the same balance between UI and UX. With that in mind, I use the four-step process below on all my projects.

1. Discovery

When a new contract is started, I want to learn everything about your project and understand what's the goal. We will work together on a solution and what's needed to get you there.

2. Wireframe

When the goal is set, I'll start working on a wireframe to organize all the information we discussed earlier and fix any UX issues we might have.

3. Mood Board

We all have different tastes and preferences and to go with the best design direction for your project I'll create mood boards and we'll discuss together to see which one is best for you.

4. Design

Now that all the hard work on the previous steps paid off, it's time to work on the UI and use the approved wireframe and mood board as a guide to craft a kick-ass design.

Some of my clients

The Singaporean market for high-end beauty products was in desperate need of something new. I worked with Poesial to create a new type of e-commerce to fill in that need.

Beauty Commerce – Case study soon

Crypto can be a tricky thing to learn for non-experts. I worked with Investy Club on a new type of app to bring non-experts into investing in crypto to make their money grow without the hassle of complicated steps.

Crypto – Case study soon

After 2 rounds of investments, Nobe hired me to redesign their website. The goal of the project was to have something fun and legit at the same time. Since bureaucracy is perceived as something boring it was no easy task.

Finance – View case study

During the 2020-2021 pandemic, Awari grew 500%, and with that growth, I was hired to completely redesign their website and to make engaging visuals, send a better message, and increase the conversion rate.

EdTech – Case study soon

I worked with the Nav team on new visual explorations, animated micro-interactions for an app, and a new UI for a dashboard. The project got a design award from Brasil Design Award.


In over a year of the contract, I worked on the new marketing website and on a new SaaS to manage readers and authors for desktop and mobile.


I worked for Dream Team on their client Savills to create a new app to track used space on buildings and redesigned a client portal for their KC Project.

Freelance Platform

I worked with the Greengo Dictionary team on their mobile app. The app had many features like search for expressions, listen to them, share and many others.


Sleeping Giant Music came to me looking to completely redesign their website to send the right message about the company and the artists they manage.

Artist Management

I worked with Lello Digital to create an app tailored specifically for condo management. The project took 6 months with a variety of features.

Real Estate

I helped Noknox redesign their mobile app and add new features such as moving schedule, employee management, pet sitter, and a few others.

Real Estate

I worked with the HungryButton team on a project that lasted for 8 months to do a major redesign on their mobile app.

Food Delivery – View case study

Relationships made to last

“Victor truly gets your points across and translates it into design. What I loved most was how simple it was to get started, he would clearly state what he needed from me, not wasting my time either. Also the workflow was very good and predictable. The end result was amazing 🙂”

Thomas Dobereiner 🇪🇪

CPO & Co-Founder, Nobe
“It was great working with Victor! He is an excellent designer, and in addition to the highest technical level, he is also extremely organized and communicates where we are with the project.

The whole process took place with no friction and very few iterations. My background is in design, and this rarely happens. I have already recommended Victor to several entrepreneurs close to me, and I will continue to make recommendations.”

Fabio Muniz 🇧🇷

CEO, Awari
“Victor is an incredible UI/UX Designer, his patience and attention to detail is very impressive. Before starting this project we spent countless hours trying / wanting to find the right person to work with us on our IOS and Android app as well as our desktop version of the application. We could not be happier to have found Victor.

It's a breath of fresh air when you find somebody as talented and reliable as him. I would recommend Victor to anyone without any hesitation. Victor is a great asset to have on your team when it comes to design.”

Devin Sheehan 🇺🇸

Founder, HungryButton
"My idea of creating an app was to simply hire a developer and call it a day, but I'm glad I found Victor to transform my idea into an actual product. He explained to me the process involved in creating a mobile app and I was very surprised with it.

After months of work we are finally launching the first version of the app and I'm really happy how things turned out. He understood my idea and led me in the right direction to design my product."

Luiz Stein 🇧🇷

Founder, Nume
“Victor's work is a masterpiece. He is very well organized and makes your ideas look great. It was a few iterations for him to get my inputs and voilà. The mobile app we wanted looks awesome. I definitely recommend his work for any kind of UI/UX project you need to look amazing.”

Rodrigo Pavezi 🇧🇷

Founder, Investy Club
“As a designer, I thought I could adventure myself into designing my own application without having any experience in that area. I couldn't be more wrong. The experience of working on this project with Victor showed me a whole new universe of UX and UI that I didn't know. I was very satisfied with the professionalism, the organization and especially with the final result.”

Matheus Diniz 🇧🇷

Founder, Greengo Dictionary
“Victor produced some really cool designs and he always made sure I was happy with everything before we finished the project. His priority was creating something I liked and I never felt pressured to accept anything before I was satisfied.”

Chris Leippi 🇨🇦

Founder, Booksprout
“I worked with Victor in a challenging project and on a tight deadline to create an end-to-end experience for an app to a niche market with little to none research and data available.

During the discovery phase, Victor was of great help with valuable questions that complemented the business strategy and gave the direction we needed for the product. He delivered work with accurate timing and superb quality on the final presentation of the interface.

I can't recommend Victor enough because of the high quality of work and the commitment he had when we worked together.”

Marcos Simeão 🇧🇷

Project Manager, Noknox
"Victor did amazing work for two of our websites and is highly recommended. I was lucky to find him, he was responsive, quick to adjust to the needs of our project and will be using him again in the future."

Freddie Harb 🇺🇸

Founder, Sleeping Giant Music

It goes like this discover, design, test and repeat