What's the process?

The sweet-spot and four step process

My tried-and-true methodology has assisted many clients in resolving business issues by striking the ideal balance between UI and UX work.
1. Discovery
When a new contract begins, I want to learn everything I can about your project and understand what the end goal is. We will collaborate on a solution and what is required to get you there.
2. Wireframe
When the goal is defined, I'll begin work on a wireframe to organize all of the information we discussed earlier and to address any UX problems that may come.
3. Mood Board
We all have different tastes and preferences and to go with the best design direction for your project I'll create mood boards and we'll discuss which one is best for you.
4. Design
Now that the previous steps have been completed, it's time to work on the UI, using the approved wireframe and mood board as a guide to create a badass design.

Some of my clients and what was done

I teamed up with Qerra's Founder, Pedro, to build a cool platform that connects designers, developers, and project managers to exciting new opportunities. We added some amazing features like scouting to help form project squads.
Social networking platform • Case study soon
The Brazilian luxury real estate scene is full of potential, and I joined forces with the Zoh team to craft a fresh website to showcase it.
Luxury real estate • Case study soon
Setting retail product prices can be challenging, especially when managing multiple branches. I dedicated several months collaborating with the Margem Bruta team to develop a new solution from scratch to address this problem.
Software as a service • Case study soon
Tired of managing sales across multiple vendors sites? I teamed up with Authorbase to make things easier for authors - bye bye to spreadsheets, hello more time for writing.
Software as a service • Case study soon
Brokers are constantly working on new deals and handling contracts. To help them better manage floors, properties, and locations, I collaborated with Savills on the Stacker App.
Real Estate • See the live app
Savills is always innovating within their proprietary data & technology foundation, providing direct to broker productivity tools. I’ve helped out on various digital-first initiatives that allow them to stay two-steps ahead of their competition.
Real Estate
The Singaporean market for high-end beauty products was in desperate need for something new. I worked with Poesial to create a new type of e-commerce to fill in that need.
Beauty Commerce • See the project
Crypto can be a tricky thing to learn for non-experts. I worked with Investy Club on a new type of app to bring non-experts into investing in crypto to make their money grow without the hassle of complicated steps.
Crypto • See the project
After 2 rounds of investments, Nobe hired me to redesign their website. The goal of the project was to have something fun and legit at the same time. Since bureaucracy is perceived as something boring it was no easy task.
During the 2020-2021 pandemic, Awari grew 500%, and with that growth, I was hired to completely redesign their website and to make engaging visuals, send a better message, and increase the conversion rate.
Ed Tech • See the project
I worked with the Nav team on new visual explorations, animated micro-interactions for an app, and a new UI for a dashboard. The project got a design award from Brasil Design Award.
Health Tech
I teamed up with Greco Gum to cook up a fresh website that not only makes them look super reliable but also lets you score the best mastic gum. It's your secret weapon for a happy tummy, a jaw workout, and the bonus? No sugars or plastic involved!
Ecommerce • See the project
In over two years of contract, I worked on the new marketing website and on a new SaaS to manage readers and authors for desktop and mobile.
Software as a service •
See the project (Website)
Software as a service •
See the project (SaaS)
I helped Noknox redesign their mobile app and add new features such as moving schedule, employee management, pet sitter, and a few others.
Real Estate
I worked with the HungryButton team on a project that lasted for 8 months to do a major redesign on their mobile app.
Food Delivery • See the project
I worked with the Greengo Dictionary team on their mobile app. The app had many features like search for expressions, listen to them, share and many others.
I worked with Lello Digital to create an app tailored specifically for condo management. The project took 6 months with a variety of features.
Real Estate • See the live app
Sleeping Giant Music came to me looking to completely redesign their website to send the right message about the company and the artists they manage.
Artist Management • See the live website

I've been lucky enough to work with some amazing clients

“Victor was impressive from the start, from the methodology applied, to the suggestions and the agility I had never encountered with any other professional I've hired. I felt extremely comfortable throughout the entire project, especially with communication. For anyone seeking a serious individual who will breathe life into their project, I wholeheartedly recommend Victor with closed eyes.”
Rafael Caldeira
Founder & CEO, Zoh
Luxury Real Estate • Case study soon
“Victor Berbel has been a great asset during our website overhaul. His attention to detail, attentiveness to our needs, and proactive communication made the whole process really enjoyable for us. Victor's work has not only elevated our website aesthetically, but also significantly improved the overall user experience. In short: He’s a real pro.”
Jon Persson
Co-Owner, Greco Gum
Mastic Gum Commerce • See the project
“A good designer gives you what you want. Victor gave me what I wanted and what I did not realize I wanted until I saw what he'd created for Poesial. Victor's creativity is a force to be reckoned with - don't go to him if you simply want a designer who follows all your rules because he's more than that. Victor is organized, punctual, and reliable. We worked on different timezones but communication was incredibly smooth.”
Ling Xin Sia
Co-Founder, Poesial
Beauty Commerce • See the project
“Victor truly gets your points across and translates it into design. What I loved most was how simple it was to get started, he would clearly state what he needed from me, not wasting my time either.”
Thomas Dobereiner
CPO & Co-Founder, Nobe
Finance • See the project
“Victor's work is a masterpiece. He is very well organized and makes your ideas look great. It was a few iterations for him to get my inputs and voilà. The mobile app we wanted looks awesome. I definitely recommend his work for any kind of UI/UX project you need to look amazing.”
Rodrigo Pavezi
Founder, Investy Club
Crypto • See the project
“It was great working with Victor! He is an excellent designer, and in addition to the highest technical level, he is also extremely organized and communicates where we are with the project.

The whole process took place with no friction and very few iterations. My background is in design, and this rarely happens. I have already recommended Victor to several entrepreneurs close to me, and I will continue to make recommendations.”
Fabio Muniz
CEO, Awari
EdTech • See the project
“Victor produced some really cool designs and he always made sure I was happy with everything before we finished the project. His priority was creating something I liked and I never felt pressured to accept anything before I was satisfied.”
Chris Leippi
Founder, Booksprout
Software as a service • See the project (Website)
Software as a service • See the project (SaaS)
“Victor is an incredible UI/UX Designer, his patience and attention to detail is very impressive. Before starting this project we spent countless hours trying / wanting to find the right person to work with us on our IOS and Android app as well as our desktop version of the application. We could not be happier to have found Victor.

It's a breath of fresh air when you find somebody as talented and reliable as him. I would recommend Victor to anyone without any hesitation. Victor is a great asset to have on your team when it comes to design.”
Devin Sheehan
Founder, HungryButton
Food Delivery • See the project