Program the way you like it

With everything Netflix has to offer, I still think there's room for improvement. The concept feature to create playlists can be a great addition to this amazing platform.
Scope of work
User Interface
User Experience
Mobile App
Animated Prototype
Concept App

Feature flow

If we can create playlists on any other music app why not on Netflix? That's the question I've been asking myself for a while before starting working on this concept.
I started with a simple user flow to map all the screens I had to design.

To use this feature you start by opening the app, tap on the button to create a new playlist, add a playlist name, titles and that's it. The playlist is all done and ready to watch whenever you are ready.

Timeline structure

I call this screen timeline because here is where you manage all the added titles to your playlist. On this screen, you can add titles, move them around in any order you want and change the way you view them from side by side to on top.

Media cards

When you add a title to your timeline each card has its size based on duration. This helps us see and understand how long the timeline will expand depending if you want to add a short episode or a long movie.

Animated prototype

To better understand the flow of the app, I also created an animated prototype. I used After Effects to animate all the components and Adobe Premier to cut the movie trailer to fit into that short prototype.
“I love doing concept projects like this because I can think of anything that has the potential of being an addition to a project and design myself to show to the world new possibilities. And definitely, It would be amazing to work on a project for Netflix.”

Victor Berbel

UI/UX Designer,