A growing community of authors and readers

Booksprout was started in 2015 by Chris Leippi to bring Authors and Readers together in a community. The company grew at a pace that they needed a new website to mark their online presence and showcase what the community is to new users.

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Logo by: Jessica Eloytza / Development by: Allan Gaunt and Tomas Jakelis
Scope of work
User Interface
User Experience
2 months
Let's start with the basics
During my first call with Chris, he told me that he wanted a new website because he felt that the old website looked outdated and needed to send the right message simply and effectively. The old website had been online for quite some time and now was the perfect timing to create a new one since the Booksprout SaaS v.2 was in the works to be released.
The old website used a pre-made template.
A whole new design was custom-made for Booksprout.
The old website had a wide scope of pages and the information was confusing and hard to find.
The Booksprout team re-wrote the entire content and the scope for this project was much smaller so each part of the project got enough attention with each goal pre-defined.
The old website used the same color palette on all pages.
A new color palette and many components were created to illustrate important pieces of information.
Old vs New
The Booksprout community knew the website well but with the old look, the website was lacking a professional aspect to bring new users to the community. A whole design was made so each section was well detailed with valuable information.
More than just a nice layout
When I start working on a new project it doesn't matter if it's a small, medium, or big scope of pages. Each page needs to be more than just a nice layout and to unlock a goal for each page I had a lot of back and forth with Chris so every text, icon, component, and image was in the right direction.
More colors to play around
The visual language Booksprout aims for is to be simple but effective so the old users are still comfortable with the product they love and at the same time to bring new users to the community. I had a really good-looking logo made by Jessica Elyotza to get my design started and I expanded the color palette a little more to have more variation of components and icons.
Booksprout on the go? I got you covered
All the desktop pages were designed on mobile to have the same experience.
A bunch of components
People say an image worth a thousand words so I used that to design a bunch of components to illustrate things like the number of reviews, how to block users, how to get feedback, and a few more. Even if you are in a hurry and don't have a lot of time to read what's going on you still get the gist of it with the components.

“Victor produced some really cool designs and he always made sure I was happy with everything before we finished the project. His priority was creating something I liked and I never felt pressured to accept anything before I was satisfied.”

Chris Leippi
Founder, Booksprout
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