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During the 2020-2021 pandemic, Awari grew 500%, and with that growth, I was hired to completely redesign their website and to make engaging visuals, send a better message, and increase the conversion rate.
Unfortunately, the project was scrapped because the company decided to go with a different approach of scope and strategy but at least I got do to an amazing project for Awari.

Photography by: Patricia Nogueira
Scope of work
User Interface
User Experience
Icon Design
6 months
A new set of goals
The Awari team had a clear set of new goals they wanted to achieve with the new website. The strategy with 4 main goals was to send a clear message, create new engaging visuals, have a cohesive layout, and insert strategically positioned calls to action to increase the conversion rate.
The old website had many pages with different layouts and styles of design.
New visuals were created so every component and page has a cohesive layout and is easily recognizable from the same family.
The old website sent a confusing message to explain the types of courses and what Awari is.
Along with new visuals, the Awari team rewrote the entire website content to send the right message and explain all the types of courses they provide.
The old website felt bland and not interesting.
For the new website, we used a new and improved color palette to have primary and complementary colors and many components were created to make the new website more appealing.
The old menu was confusing and hard to navigate.
Along with many other UX problems we had to solve, the new menu had a major redesign in terms of design and UX. Now every category fits in the right place.
Old website
Awari has been using the same website since 2018 when the company was started. Whenever they needed to add new content or pages they would just add to the website and the whole project looked like Frankenstein's monster. Each part had a different design and the communication wasn't clear.

By having that in mind I was approached by Awari's CEO, Fabio Muniz to start working on a complete redesign.
Project structure
The Awari team had an initial scope of work they wanted and after some tweaks, we ended up using the one below to start working on the pages and visuals.
New engaging visuals
To tell a good story and convert clicks into new students all the visuals were done carefully. All the content was rewritten and each page had the right number of iterations to be in its final state.

I designed over 40 screens with constant feedback from the Awari team and the overall project took around 4 months to finish.
Visual language
For the new visuals, I used a color palette that allowed me to play around and make things interesting without being too extra. Across the full website, we have little colored bubbles in the background so the website is not heavy with lots of whitespace on everything.

We decided to use Basis Grotesque Pro as the only font for everything and play around with the weights when something needs to be used as a title, paragraph, or tag.

Just like all my other projects this was not any different when we are talking about icons.
I created a set of many custom icons to illustrate things like menu items, topics, warnings, and messages.
Menu organization
The old menu had too many levels and things were all over the place.
I remember viewing the old menu and it felt strange because once you clicked into a course link, that link would take you to the course page and the old menu would be completely changed out of nowhere.

The Awari team and I worked on the reorganization of the menu so every item is in its correct place and it's really easy to find where you want to go.
Responsiveness at its finest
Each desktop screen had a mobile version designed to be a seamless experience no matter if you are viewing the website on a desktop or your phone.
Real photos are better
For the new website, the Awari team hired the photographer Patricia Nogueira to take photos of the team. The photos were used across the full website and in my opinion, this sends a better message to new students so they can see who works and who will help them with their new journey to start a new course on the platform.
Student profile
The student profile was a new feature that allows any student to create a page with projects, abilities, and work experience. Students from Awari have a little badge that says if they finished the course or not. I designed two simple icons to illustrate that.

“It was great working with Victor! He is an excellent designer, and in addition to the highest technical level, he is also extremely organized and communicates where we are with the project.

The whole process took place with no friction and very few iterations. My background is in design, and this rarely happens. I have already recommended Victor to several entrepreneurs close to me, and I will continue to make recommendations.”

Fabio Muniz
CEO, Awari
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