Enjoy the moments in a likes-free app

The constant noise of attention-seeking posts on social media platforms makes us being stressed and overwhelmed. On that note, I decided to recreate an old concept app of mine called DAY IN 2s by transforming into Moments, the likes-free app.
Scope of work
User Interface
User Experience
Mobile App
Animated Prototype
Concept App

User Research

The idea to create something without likes, messages, comments, and public profiles was a whole different approach if I have to compare this project with Instagram or TikTok and to validate that idea I created two personas based on my quick desk research.


The organization is key when creating a project from scratch, with that mindset the sitemap was kept short and focused on the main areas of the project, such as feed, record video, and my stuff.

Colors, icons and grid

A friendly and inviting color palette combined with a grid logo and custom made icons are the front-face of the app to be as welcoming as possible to any type of user the Moments app might attract.

A little personality

The logo and screens were animated to show what's going on in each part of the app.

A sea of screens

The screens were carefully designed for this project and after many iterations and changes, each screen was finalized with its purpose.

Complementary components

I took the liberty in creating complementary components with a friendly tone of voice to be used as social media elements when advertising the app.

Desktop version

With the advantage of extra space on the desktop version, I added a map with the locations of every clip that is played on the left side.
“Moments is a complete redesign of another app I had designed a few years ago called DAY IN 2s. I did user research to dig deeper into what I wanted to create for my target audience and resulted in two personas that dictated the entire user flow, icons, and micro-interactions.”

Victor Berbel

UI/UX Designer,