A new approach to food delivering app

There are many food delivery apps out there and to detach from that crowd and make a new and better impression I worked with the people from HungryButton to redesign their app and make the average experience into an amazing one.
Scope of work
User Interface
User Experience
Mobile App
Icon Design
8 months
See the live app
User research
The user research was a key component of this project to not go blindly into redesigning something that wasn't important. The overall result of that short questionnaire applied to students was that they wanted Free Food, Deals & Discounts, and a Social Feed.
The app is bland and not visually appealing.
The entire app was redesign with a new color palette, icons, fonts, and micro-interactions.
There's not a clear indication of which restaurants are open and closed.
The open restaurants were kept on the top and below them was added an icon showing that the restaurants below were currently closed.
Some users accidentally confirm orders because the previous call to action was fixed on the footer.
The call to action was moved all the way to the bottom of the page to prevent tapping by accident.
There wasn't enough contrast on the older color palette.
A new color palette was created and the old tones of light grey were updated to darker ones facilitating the identification of content.
A brand new look
The application got a brand new look, icons, and color palette. I also designed some more options for the menu icons that weren't approved. The four additional colors below are from the onboarding screens of deals and discounts, free food, easy re-order, and quick pick-up.

The new app home was completely redesigned to focus on the main actions of the app, view deals on top, choose pick-up or delivery, see the available restaurants, and a footer menu on the bottom.
Project structure
The HungryButton team had a good idea of the type of organization they wanted and the sitemap was created to organize all of that.
The app
After 8 months of work, the app was finally finished and launched on the Appstore.
Over 100 screens designed
The design of the screens was a team effort between me and the people from HungryButton focusing on the user experience and user interface. There were more than 100 screens designed and many iterations along the way.
Deals cards
On the very top of the home section, you can see deals cards.
I designed two options and sadly the option with the photos was not approved in order to minimize the work on getting those deals constantly updated.
Social feed
Whenever you are active on the app you can see what your friends are up to, add your friends who were already on the platform, and even invite them to the app. Every new user you invite to the platform gets 20% off their first order.
Design components
During the 8 months working on this project many components were created.

“Victor is an incredible UI/UX Designer, his patience and attention to detail is very impressive. Before starting this project we spent countless hours trying / wanting to find the right person to work with us on our IOS and Android app as well as our desktop version of the application.

We could not be happier to have found Victor.It's a breath of fresh air when you find somebody as talented and reliable as him. I would recommend Victor to anyone without any hesitation. Victor is a great asset to have on your team when it comes to design.”

Devin Sheehan
Founder, HungryButton
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