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A new approach to food delivering app

When Devin from HungryButton approached me with the idea of redesigning the mobile app I knew I had a great challenge ahead of me. The first question I asked him was "Do you want to redesign the app based on what you want or have you asked your users of what they want?"

After 2 weeks Devin came back with some highly valuable feedback from his users and that was the starting point of this project.

What do the users want?

Based on the quick survey Devin brought me we had clear results that his users wanted three main things, free food, deals & discounts and a social feed to share points with friends and family.

Besides those 3 main things we also decided that the app needed a new color palette and a more fun overall experience to the user.

A brand new look

The application got a brand new look, icons and color palette. Everything was thought and a lot of effort was put into it. I even designed some more options for icons that weren't approved and did not make the cut. The 4 additional colors below are from the onboarding screens I designed and they are for deals and discounts, free food, easy re-order, and quick pick-up.

Over 100 screens designed

I designed over 100 screens for this project and even though this project is already live this still an ongoing project to design new screens for every update. If I have to count for unique screens that are at least 30, 40 unique screens on this project.

Free Food

Based on the user research users wanted a way to get free food in the app. I designed this section so when you buy food you receive a point that you can trade for free food at the same restaurant you got those points from.

Deals & Discounts

On the home section, there are deals cards with the latest deal. I designed a different style of card deal but that design did not make the cut either. Speed in terms of development was the main reason to not move forward with that design.

Social Feed

Whenever you are active on the app you can see what your friends are up to, add your friends who were already on the platform and even invite them to the app. Every new user you invite to the platform get 20% off their first order.
"Victor is an incredible UI/UX Designer, his patience and attention to detail is very impressive. Before starting this project we spent countless hours trying / wanting to find the right person to work with us on our IOS and Android app as well as our desktop version of the application. We could not be happier to have found Victor.

It's a breath of fresh air when you find somebody as talented and reliable as him. I would recommend Victor to anyone without any hesitation. Victor is a great asset to have on your team when it comes to design."

Devin Sheehan

Founder, HungryButton

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